Breast Growth Begins At Puberty

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The Truth about Breast Growth

how to make your boobs grow fast and safeBreast growth is one of many topics which is mostly discussed within young females, especially teenage girls who are currently experiencing changes in their body; puberty. It is a normal occurrence and is seen as development for girls and women: It is perfectly normal to grow breast. Breast growth begins at puberty from age 10 -12 and might continue throughout life prior to pregnancy and weight gain.

There are a lot of inaccurate information and misconceptions about breast growth today which most teenagers experiencing puberty are exposed to. In this blog post, we’ll learn of some of these myths and address them: We’ll also understand what indeed breast growth is about as well as facts regarding it.

Breast growth occurs as a result of the presence of the female hormones: estrogen. This hormone triggers growth of the breasts as well as other body developments experienced during puberty. The growth of the breast, that is, how large the breasts would develop depends on the estrogen levels.


best breast enlargement cream1. Breast growth is affiliated with weight gain/loss: Although sometimes this is the case, when you gain fat, it is spread throughout the body. Although some women accumulate fat in their stomach, thighs, breasts and other body parts susceptible to weight gain. This occurrence is genetically dependent, so if you’re skinny or flat chested and you think gaining a few extra pounds would propel breast growth, you might want to think through again or maybe you’re busty and think losing a few pounds would affect your breast size, save yourself the stress and don’t bother starting.

breast increase cream without pain2. Pectoral muscle workout aid breast growth: This is hardly true; the breasts do not consist of muscles rather tissues. They are incapable of being toned or trained as we do to other muscles through exercise. Pectoral muscle exercising only tones the muscles beneath the breasts; pushing them forward, making them appear fuller but in no way does it contribute to its growth.

breast enlargement tips3. Contraceptives make breasts larger: This is partially true, modern contraceptives contain minimal level of estrogen; hormone responsible for body changes including breast growth. This estrogen can kick start the process of puberty again causing growth in the breasts: This growth is very minimal and sometimes insignificant, so don’t go popping contraceptives for growth.

effective breast growth pills4. Creams and Pills increase breasts size: Many ladies are unsatisfied with their current breast size and have tried various methods for breast augmentation, some have even gone far in getting surgical operations. Enlargement creams and pills market has experienced growth in previous years and some women testify on significant breast growth and size after using them. Regardless of these testimonials, it has not been medically proven that these products aid breast growth.

how to make your breast grow quickly5. Puberty concludes breast growth: This is not totally true. Irrespective that breast development begins during puberty does not necessarily mean once puberty stops, breast growth does too. There are cases of late bloomers whose breasts still grow even years after puberty. Some ladies grow breasts during or after pregnancy; It is much more a genetic-related issue.

So far, we have seen a few myths and misconceptions that surrounds breast growth and learnt of their respective authenticity. However, if you are truly obsessed with increasing your breast size, you can try less-irruptive methods like supplements, enlargement creams and pills or you can just let puberty do its work.


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